Proflakes Protein corn flakes


Net Weight: 250g

  • Protein – 20g
  • DHA – 150mg
  • Calcium – 450mg
  • Iron – 15mg
  • Very Low Fat – 0.6g/100g
  • Low Sugar – 6g/100g
  • High Fibre – 7g
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • 13 Vitamins & 11 Minerals

Proflakes or Protein corn flakes are ideal for Toddlers, children, and adults

  • A tasty alternative to protein powder and can be taken with or without milk.
  • Proflakes provide high-quality protein with PDCAAS – 1, which helps in better digestion and absorption.
  • Proflakes have very low Fat and Sugar compared to protein powder, which prevents unnecessary weight gain.
  • DHA – 150mg, which is double the amount compared to protein powder helps in Neurocognitive development in children and supports a healthy heart, immunity in adults.
  • Meets almost 75% RDA for calcium in children and 60% in adults.
  • Proflakes provides almost 90% RDA for Iron in Children and 75% in adults.
  • High fiber in Proflakes supports a healthy gut and prevents obesity.