ProBytes Protein Diskettes

Net Weight: 200g, Vanilla flavoured

  • High Protein 1.6g/Diskette
  • PDCAAS – 1 Protein
  • Low Fat – 0.75g/Diskette
  • Low Sugar – 0.9g/Diskette
  • 13 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Low Glycemic Index

ProBytes Protein Diskettes or Protein Biscuits are High Protein, Low Fat, and Low Sugar Diskettes made from veg sources.

  • Offer high protein – 1.6g
  • It provides high-quality protein for better digestion and absorption.
  • Has low fat and sugar makes it an ideal nutrition partner for all ages.
  • Just 4 diskettes provide the same protein equal to a whole egg.
  • An ideal choice for vegetarians to bridge their protein gap without adding more calories.
  • 4 diskettes of Probytes provides the same amount of Protein, equal to a glass of milk.
  • An ideal choice to bridge the Protein gap even in those who do not prefer to take milk.
  • Lactose-free and ideal for people with lactose intolerance who are unable to consume common protein-based food items.
  • Fortified biscuits with vitamin B and the calories provided in the biscuits help digest the protein.
  • Cholesterol and trans-fat free.
Probytes Protein Diskette

Probytes Diskettes, also known as Probytes Biscuits, are a high protein, low fat, high calorie, and low sugar biscuits, with low glycemic index and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. The word ‘supplement’ means ‘to add something extra’. PROBYTES biscuits are suitable if a person’s protein requirements are not being met adequately due to a faulty diet and there is a need to add protein to their diet in the form of supplements.

Probytes are from pure vegetarian sources

Probytes are made from pure vegetarian sources. Just 3 Probytes biscuits provide almost the same amount of protein equal to one egg. For those who do not prefer to take an egg or any non-veg foods or take dairy products adequately, Probytes helps to fulfill their protein needs deliciously, and interestingly probytes also provides vital vitamins and minerals with low fat and zero cholesterol.

Easy consumption

Today, most of the protein powders in the market are made with animal protein and we are dependent on the availability of milk to mix the powder to gulp the horrible tasted drink. The iron in these powders interacts with the calcium in the milk, which reduces the absorption of both Iron and Calcium, thus making both the vital minerals non-available or less absorbed.

Protein in the Pocket

Probytes diskette is very small in size and can be carried at any time, anywhere.

Low FAT and low SUGAR

Many protein powders in the market also come with a lot of fat and sugar, making us Obese and end up gaining more weight by promoting fat to build up in our body. These powders also come with a lot of sugar to make them tasty which makes our blood sugar shoot up to the roof like taking a cola drink.

It has the below benefits:

  • It is beneficial for diabetic, cardiovascular as well as obese patients.
  • It provides dietary fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • It has antioxidants that help patients who are prone to oxidative stress e.g. diabetes patients.
  • It also provides Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6.
Health benefits

PROBYTES biscuits offer health benefits as

  • It helps increase cell metabolism
  • Increases stamina
  • Helps in growing strong and lean muscles
Main constituents of PROBYTES

The main constituent of PROBYTES biscuit is WHEY which is biologically a first-class protein. WHEY contains all essential amino acids, and the best part is it is extremely easy to digest. PROBYTES biscuits can be dissolved in water and milk. Therefore, they can be fed to small children or recuperating patients who require tube feeding.

The PROBYTES biscuits benefits are also said to help in controlling weight gain because it is more concentrated in protein than carbohydrates. As such, PROBYTES biscuits are a good snack item to be munched in between meals without the fear of gaining weight. However, we have to keep in mind that we don’t exceed eating more than 2-3 PROBYTES biscuits twice or thrice in a day.

Also, the body’s requirement for protein depends on many factors. These factors include weight, person’s level of physical activity, gender, age and whether the goal is to maintain weight, lose weight, or gain in muscles

Protein Diskette
High Protein and Calories

Any protein supplement that provides more than 25% calories (energy) is considered as the best. Interestingly, Probytes provides 28% of calories.

PROBYTES biscuits are also suitable for people who are in need of higher proteins and calories to meet a specific condition like pregnancy, growing children, elderly, recuperating patients, bodybuilders, and other physically active people.

Healthy and Tastier snacks for children

Probytes can be taken by all school-going children as part of their healthy and tasty breakfast, or as snacks during the school intervals. Just 3 Probytes biscuits each in the morning & evening interval helps them to get nearly 10g of Protein which is almost equal to 2 eggs. Along with protein, children will also be benefited from Vital Vitamins like B-complex and Minerals like Iron, thus, making them more active, energetic, and attentive. Children love to have Probytes due to its delicious taste.

Healthy and Tastier snacks for Adults

Probytes can be a part of healthy snacking for young adults. Probytes help teenagers to be more active, attentive, and become more strong. Probytes helps them to fight with the pollutants, bacteria, and virus very effectively. Probytes fit into one’s diet plan without contributing more calories, fat, or cholesterol, thereby figure (outlook) conscious teenagers can rely on Probytes as part of their healthy snacking.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Probytes is a very good alternative to protein powders during pregnancy & lactation. The protein powders with more fat and sugar make pregnant women more obese and make the delivery difficult. It also makes their life miserable post-delivery as it is very difficult to reduce the unnecessary weight gained during pregnancy.

Lactating women need almost 40% more protein than normal women. They should consume 72-75g of protein every day. Getting this much protein especially in vegetarians, Lacto-vegetarian is very difficult. Probytes can be part of a healthy diet plan for lactating women.

Calorie-conscious young adults

Probytes also can be an integral part of the Young Adults’ healthy diet. Probytes provide vital nutrients like High Protein, Iron, Low sugar, Low fat, Zero cholesterol, Zero transfat, and provide fewer calories.