DLV Syrup (DHA, Lycopene with Multivitamins, Multi minerals & L-Lysine Syrup)
DLV Syrup

Packing: 200 ml bottle with measuring cup, Pineapple flavor.

For 1 year and above children

  • DHA – 50 mg
  • EPA – 60 mg
  • Lycopene – 5000 mcg
  • Lysine – 100 mg
  • Vitamins & Minerals

First of all, DHA supplements are known for their bad taste.

Finally, DLV Syrup is India’s 1st DHA, EPA, Lycopene & Lysine Syrup in Pineapple flavor certainly tastes delicious.

  • Provides both Omega 3 fatty acids DHA, EPA that supports Neurocognitive Development in Toddlers & Children.
  • DHA, Lycopene, Vitamins A, E, D supports immunity in Toddler’s & Children. Helps in learning & behavior. A powerful antioxidant that helps in immunity.
  • Lysine supports growth in Toddler & Children. Ensures age-appropriate growth in school-age children.
  • Deliciously made DLV drops help Toddlers & children accept without tantrums.
DLV Syrup