Ca++Bytes Calcium Diskettes

Net Weight: 200g, Vanilla flavoured

  • Calcium – 525 mg/Diskette
  • D – 400 I.U/Diskette
  • Low Fat – 0.7g/Diskette
  • Protein – 0.6g/Diskette

Time to say bye-bye to chalky calcium tablets and syrup. Highly Bioavailable Calcium, Vitamin D3 with Protein.

Ca++Bytes Calcium Diskettes or Calcium Biscuits is India’s first Calcium in Diskettes format. Ideal for children and adults.

  • Ca bytes is a tasty alternative to a calcium tablet/syrup
  • Bioavailability is similar to a calcium tablet.
  • Provides both Calcium and Vit.D for better utilization of Calcium.
  • A tasty way to supplement calcium and vit.D.
  • No more tantrum’s by the children to take calcium.
  • An ideal way to supplement calcium and Vit.D for pregnant women with parageusia.
  • One diskette for children and 2 for adults to bridge calcium and Vit.D
Calcium Biscuits or Calcium Diskettes