Advanced Nutrition

The 3 commandments at LEAD CARE INTERNATIONAL

  • Strive to come up with innovative yet simplistic Nutrition products from time to time with superior quality, compliance, and value for money
  • Offer a wide range of quality nutrition products that positively contributes to your well-being and helps in leading quality and healthy life.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with our clients, Distributors, Doctors, and Consumers with high quality and trust and thus creating a win-win situation


Lead Care International is strongly committed to providing superior quality products with all required certifications and COA.

We at Lead Care International focus on NUTRITION for ALL.

We continuously strive in bringing a variety of innovative products from time to time, with the concept of NUTRITION ANY TIME… ANY WHERE.

Our such innovations are:

  • Tasty CALCIUM and Vitamin D  in Diskettes
  • PROTEIN and DHA in your bowl

Licenses & Certifications

Central Distribution License
Central Marketing License
Registered Company
ISI Certified
BRC Certified
FDA Certified
Licensed Company
(Dir. General of Foreign Trade)
KOSHER Certified